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General features Basic  Pro 
Shows random slide show (with music) and trailers before your movie
Support multiple profiles
Movie Linkô: auto selects profile based on movie path or filename
Controls X10 devices
Event based actions (i.e. turn of the light when the trailers start)
Integrates in Windows Explorer, MyMovies (in Microsoft Windows Media Center) and MediaPortal
Tested with Windows 2000/XP/Vista
License priceFree!€ 35
Slide show features Basic  Pro 
Picks random slides up to 3 different directories (i.e. facts, trivia, policy)
Configurable image sequence and image timing
Supports JPG and BMP images
Automatic image resizing to match screen resolution
Cross fading of images
Supports 3 step trivia (question, clue, answer)
Plays random MP3/WAV music during slide show
Voice over support (using events)
Configurable slide show runtime
Hotkeys to immediately start trailer show or movie
Trailer show features Basic  Pro 
Picks random trailers from up to 9 different directories
Configurable trailer sequence
Uses any command-line based video player
Includes presets for the following players:  
  • Media Player Classic Home Cinema
  • VLC
  • KMPLayer
  • Zoom player
  • Theatertek
  • TotalMedia Theatre
Completely hides the Windows GUI during playback
Event features Basic  Pro 
Executes a sequence of tasks based on a triggered event
Supported event types:  
  • Time events (i.e. slide show start, trailer start, movie end, 1 minute before trailers)
  • User events (triggered by a hotkey)
  • Slide events (triggered when a specific slide is shown)
Supported task types:  
  • Execute application
  • Play soundfile (i.e. voice over)
  • Play music
  • Show slide
  • X10 command (uses CM11A or CM17A)
  • Wait

(C) 2003-2008 by InterWorld Automatisering B.V. / Rik Halfmouw